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All contents of this website are copyright AmazingTextures.com 
Any contents may not be re-sold, packaged, loaned or otherwise redistributed. 

Can I use the textures commercially?

Yes you can use all the textures commercially once you have a paid subscription account.

What do I get when I pay?

When you pay you get access to all our textures, high resolution up to 5k across and all the tiling textures. You also get to use them all commervcially for your projects.

Can I sell the textures?

You cannot sell the textures, they are for use within your commercial work.

What do I get with the free account?

You get access to most of the textures, you can download 20mb a day, everyday. But you cannot use them commercially ; ( - Please support us for a better resource.

What if I sign up twice to get double the free textures.

We will ban your IP address and take whatever action is necessary.

What if I use them commercially without paying

You cannot use the textures commercailly without paying. We will take every action nessary to stop this. We have made the subscription account as comepativly priced as possible. It takes time and effort to make the textures to save you time and money. We appreciate your support. When members pay we invest the money into more textures and better access for your projects.

Can I sell my own cgtextures on amazingtextures.com?

You can sell your textures on amazingtextures.com you must have more than 100 quality textures to start. You will receive a royalty based on the number and quality of your textures. Please contact us if you are interested in selling your textures.