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Amazing Textures - About Us

Imagine you were always browsing the internet, looking for textures to download. There are plenty out there – some of them pretty good. So you download gigs of them over time, and you dedicate a hard-drive to storing your textures. Sorted.

But what happens when you need a particular kind of rock texture for a scene you’re working on? You know you’ve got something that would be perfect… (after all, you’ve got at least 50 gig of textures – there must be something suitable amongst all that lot. You’re just not sure where to look. Somewhere in an obscure folder zipped up on a DVD for storage? Could it be lost somewhere in the thousands of random directories on your hard-drive? Seriously, how much time do you have to look for it?

Situation sound familiar?

The alternative is to support Amazing Textures. Whenever you need a particular texture for a scene you’re working on, come to the site, identify the category you’re looking for, and browse the textures till you find the one you want.


 Easy to remember – amazingtextures.com
 Available any time – all day, every day. We’re not going anywhere.
 Available from wherever you are – home and work
 Simple to navigate – clear interface, labelled categories, thumbnails for quick browsing
 Easy to use – ready to drag and drop into your scene

Admittedly, if you’re a dial-up user, you’re probably thinking this doesn’t sound so great. And it’s true – this service is aimed at broadband users. We can’t deny it – our textures are quite large files to download, and this doesn’t make it easy for dial-up users.

But for broadband users, we guarantee you this is the way of the future. It’s time to start making use of the full potential of the internet.

This is a growing resource. With your support we will continue to add texture collections to this site on a regular basis, expanding the number of textures available for you to download.